Puisi-Puisi Ree-Yie

diantara abu-abu aku mengeja apa itu hitam dan putih

Thought via Path

La vie
La vie
Avoir des amours
Rien des argent
Avoir des amis
Rien des sciences
Avoir des memoirs
Rien des espoirs
La vie
Quand je n’ai rien des regretts
J’ai avoir du tout
Quand je n’ai rien des espérences
Je comprendre du tout
Quand je n’ai rien des rancunes
J’habite à la vie est belle… – Read on Path.

Aqua Man Anthology

I spoke to the Lords of rains 

knocking on the door of hidden cliff

have been waiting this moment for seven years


wishing for a melody of harmony 

whispering through his heart  

and bring eternal self-concious upon his colour

no matter dark might the secret 

because to me, I’ve seen his true identity 

nothing else would surprise me 

except that one day

he’ll come and says, 

"I see you, too ~~" 


Thought via Path

Et lui
Pour moi
Il es beau
Il es charmant
Et puis, il es très gentille
Il à beaucoup des sentiments
Il me dire
Que sera, sera
Si tu es pour moi, on sera – Read on Path.

Thought via Path

Drive me high
Closer to the blue sky
At the top of Bedugul I wanna jump and fly
No worries nor sadness I should buy
Because to myself, I never lie
And that’s how you’ll mirror my smile
Stay honest till I die! – Read on Path.

My Pride

Hey you
The name I can only whisper before bedtime
Because our pride might build the wall of distance between us
I am hoping a joyful dream no more
Just an honest gesture to memories
When they’re dropping by
Destructing the wall to a silent scream
Only the night witness invisible tears
Until they take my breath away as souvenirs
Left me high and dry…

Life Choice

Life will offer dilemmatic options
To love or to be loved
Try not to choose in hurry
Because those who matters will stay
And who don’t will stay away
Life is simpler
To any friends of time and distance
and any true followers of patient and grateful.

Aglio Olio

A man of my life asked me
What would you be without me?
I said, I will live in pasta
He wondered my answer
I showed him a plate of aglio olio
You see this, its delicious
But it has no spicy taste
To me, you are my pepper
You made me cried and excited at the same time
And that’s how I am gonna miss my life without you

Journey to the Homeland

It started at 11
When the Lord speaks through a wink at a jetplane until a moment of intimacy during night prays
It continued on 12
Nerves and stares on 99 of lights
I forgot the talk mostly but I remember the purity in his glance
Then the two city seems so close
When the walk engage the quality of communication
Spring was in the air of winter!
It blossoming back in 111
The rails witness all efforts
With the pure glance again
And warm of attention to mother nature
History has taught lessons in museum
When saying goodbyes was harder than watch his back away
It reach 2 of moons
When joys meet absurdity
Times did not friendly
Nor our friends who keep doubting
The question arise
It hurts but it is wise
It fly to Mars
When the light of 99 closer than before
Yet time still the worst enemy
At the old town we throwed sugar
As if tomorrow should not betray the dancing souls of the two
It return to present 45
The mysteries never revealed
Or maybe the feeling is blocked
I might loose it, I might not ready
I wish it can be easier than puzzles
But who am I to decide
I am just a short meteor in this universe
Hoping to reach the homeland even if I have to be burned inside out…

1 a.m

This is one
When the fan become the only muse
And the clock ticking slower than heartbeats
My mind is empty but kept thousands of unanswered questions
Closing my eyes seems harder than forgetting the past
Keep breathing becomes the only surviving options
Feels the energy filling the inner holes
This is one
My soul starts whispering melody

Sayangku, Vidya

Sayangku, Vidya
Ini jiwaku
Terseok pincang tanpa hadirmu
Setiap hari harus mengejar
Setiap tertangkap lolos buyar
Sayangku tak kau acuhkan
Karena kau lebih suka kebebasan
Aku benci dengan kungkunganmu
Terlebih rayuan masa depanmu
Celakanya, kata-katamu adalah cahaya
Bersamamu lenyaplah semua duka
Ah, sampai kapan aku harus terjerat
Saat cahayamu kian melekat ?
Ini jiwaku, Vidya
Saat liang kubur di mata
Dan manusia telah terlupa
Maukah kau bercerita tentang kisah kita

*Vidya = bahasa sanskrit dari “wawasan”/”pengetahuan”. Dalam bahasa Yunani dikenal dengan “idea”